Deflection - The Band

Chad Balogh (Milwaukee, WI)
Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Keys

John Pospichal (Milwaukee, WI)
Lead Guitar

Seth Van Gheem (Milwaukee, WI)
Bass Guitar

Amar Nikhanj (Milwaukee, WI)


CD release party is January 21st, 2011 at Shank Hall in Milwaukee, WI... Stay tuned for details!!!

Influenced by just about everything from The Beatles to Alice in Chains and all the beautiful music in between. To call out one or two specific bands really does not tell the story. Deflection comes out of the cold streets near Milwaukee, the Beer Capital City of the World. Performing small venues, large venues... they enjoy playing.

Deflection was started in 2005 with the collaboration of Chad Balogh and John Pospichal. Together they reworked a catalog of acoustic guitar songs written by Chad, into full band arrangements. Throughout the past few years Deflection has been working hard building a great new rock band to conquer the music industry, a super group of talent formed in Milwaukee, thus bringing in Bassist Seth Van Gheem and Drummer Amar Nikhanj.

DEFLECTION! Live shows are excellent with great stage presence, musicianship and lyrics that will stick in your head for days. Don't be fooled by the ballads, this band ROCKS! See for yourself! ... and they have great personalities and will charm the pants off ya :)~


"Chad is the best singer/song writer in Milwaukee since the days of Steve Miller!"
Gary Jamieson - Three Decades







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